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Green Infraestructures

Green Infraestructures




IAL designs, plans and implements the Green infrastructures that will allow mankind to survive the counter-attack that nature is being.

Our interference in the life processes of the biosphere is putting in imminent danger to our civilization.

IAL works tirelessly in the development of new concepts of spatial planning and landscape, working for nature-based.




The tree, parent of green infrastructure, is our main weapon in the fight against climate change:

1. Act on the environmental temperature to improve it and we relieve both in the summer – softening the heat with its freshness – as in the winter – moderating the effects of cold.

2. Collaborate in the reduction of the energy expenditure of urban centers. As a result of the so-called phenomenon “heat island”, the temperature increases to varying degrees in the city.

3. Contribute to maintaining biodiversity of ecosystems. Many living beings depend on trees. In they find their shelter and feed thanks to their fruits or seeds. In addition, prevent soil erosion and provide them with their roots and sediments.

4. They are a source of income for the human being, for the biodiversity of the city, and for the future.


IAL creates the green infrastructures that you need in your code through an integrated approach to the management of the soil. We plan strategically the territory and investigate the space interactions between different land uses in a defined geographical area. In the strategic planning we cover the different positions of sectors of government to take all the perspectives of the use of soil, in a transparent, integrated and cooperative.


Las ciudades del mundo se hallan en rápido crecimiento y están experimentando una transformación notable en un corto espacio de tiempo. Ahora, nuestros nuevos proyectos emblemáticos están ayudando a remodelar el futuro de las ciudades del mundo.

Ubicadas en el corazón de la ciudad, las Infraestructuras Verdes ayudarán  a fortalecer las urbes como destinos globales dinámicos. Con millones de nuevos metros cuadrados de espacios residenciales, hoteleros, de oficinas y comerciales, además de calles peatonales con control climático y atracciones de entretenimiento, nuestros proyectos proporcionarán ambientes animados y de usos multiples para los habitantes de la ciudad y crearán un mayor sentido de comunidad para todos.