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Spain square

Spain square

The last remodeling of the square caused the suppression of the garden, with its place usurped by unnecessary concrete pavers on the roof surface.
This huge surface acts as heat during the day and as radiator heat during summer night.

But the main problem is the lack of social characteristics in this space that is buried in the garden that the neighbors need and the trees, now grown, claim, demolishing concrete and cobbles …

The green space is usurped by a gigantic concrete surface cover with concrete pavers, which derives residents of the environmental resources, health and landscape to which they are entitled.

The set of Ficus microphylla does not fulfill its function of providing bioclimatic room shade and thermoregulation in the absence of other essential elements in a public garden, with trees and users must interact.

The larger ficus are lifting the cobblestones, which are an invasive element of the garden space. Coincidentally there are those who are next to the chapel: it indicates what is the designated phase 1 of the regeneration of the garden area.

The objective of the project is to expand the green surface, around the trunks of the trees, leaving the necessary surface transit, by means of landscape surgery by trimming the existing pavement.

The opposite end of the garden, regenerated in Phase 2, is built around the playground: 2 existing pavement rubber areas now joined in one, elliptical, synergistically inserted into the garden’s circulation system and provided with a cozy and protective perimeter of plant.
A dirt path extends from there to the other end of the garden, allowing residents to enjoy a friendly, relaxed and natural path in the shadow of the ficus.

The magnificent group of Ficus microphylla that exists in the garden is the main opportunity for action, and is the main asset for the intervention: this forest is now an emblematic landscape of the population, is located in the neighborhood and is visible and attractive from the nearby station.

The bushes to be implanted will be inserted in a solid perimeter distributed along the edges of the garden, so that framed, it will free the use and the transit through the tufted meadow and will help to define the performance of the visual style through the use of adjustment perennial and subtropical to inhabit the partial shade and partial shade provided by the dense species of ficus microphylla history.
The new playground will be closed by a laurel hedge and solid edge bush that will delimit, protect and determine the facilities of a gardener of a purely character.

The huge concrete slab that is blocking an urban garden that struggles to emerge and reclaim its space, will be replaced by the necessary prairie grass, designed to guarantee the entrapment of oxygen, CO2 and pollutants and offer comfort and rest to people. For the success of the intervention, it will be inserted by planting pre-cultivated grass appropriate to live under the ficus forest.

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