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Recreational orchard

Recreational orchard

Recreational garden designed to operate in a bio-synergistic way a small plot of low profitability for conventional farming.

The small recreational plots are inserted into a landscaped system that includes an irrigation emblase in the form of a secret lake, a network of channel-streams that act as biodiversity corridors, an integrated forest-park, and a network of Pennsylvania-style wood fences , which individualized each parcel of rent and cohesion the recreational complex.

Recreational Orchard is located in front of the sea in the largest coastal lagoon in Europe.

Adjacent to the recreational orchard, the existing park offers some of the most direct views of the rapidly developing western district of the city and its facilities expanding the green public offering of this area, with open lawns serving as a transitional location. , communication and stay.
We have conceived a new project model. Several of the local businesses have established a working group to manage a temporary park useful and inspired by fostering greater interaction with local communities.

To encourage more people to stay, exercise and play, IAL Studios has designed a recreational garden within a park that is based on site research, community engagement, and the introduction of new types of effective social infrastructure that changes existing patterns of coexistence.

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