International Agency Landscape

Mediterranean Waterfront

Mediterranean Waterfront

The final phase of the project of public realm landscape design for a mediterranean waterfront development has been completed by International Agency Landscape.

The completion of the 15 year regeneration project comes as this small town continues its urban regeneration
outstanding commitment to sustainability, creativity, culture and innovation.
This waterfront is mixed-use development on the sea edge of the city’s which has regenerated the heart of the cita historic shoreline.
Sustainable landscape design has played a key role in the overall scheme.

Working closely with masterplan technical specialists of Public Works Ministry has transformed the derelict 3 hectare brownfield site of old promenade into a vibrant collection of new streetscapes, waterfront walks, public open space and a sustainable urban drainage system.

MOJACAR W SKECHTVibrant Series of Spaces, Routes and Public Squares

The creation of a series of spaces and routes enhances the urban environment wider public realm, including new public squares and tree-lined avenues, and beachside moorings with a new walk inlet. Views and access to the waterfront have been opened up, in particular those of the churchs and the previously inaccessible beach.
Walk strengthening the site’s visual connections with the city bringing the waterfront back to life.

Urban Drainage

A sustainable urban drainage story celebrates the passage of rainwater from the roofs of the buildings to the PLANTING SCHEMEwaterfront, visible through a series of collection dishes, channels and rills, and irrigating the planting along the way. Reed beds along the park edge filter rainwater and surface water before it enters the promenade. The reed beds have also created valuable habitat opportunities and provide an attractive waterside setting. Other habitat opportunities include an extensive green wall, fronting onto the central public square.