Park of the Literature

A series of attractive and welcoming organic spaces, of massive bushes conceived as the abstraction of the provençal territory, make up an immersive experience of intimacy, seclusion and collective values.

Inside, this pattern of Mediterranean trees establishes an atmosphere of mystery and respect for the ancient masters of culture. We have managed to create a space in a classic European gardener style with an avant-garde and playful touch that adjusts to the local culture, the pergolas offer a continuous refuge from the sun and the little Mediterranean rains. But these pergolas are also an advanced device for capturing and storing rainwater, which is treated and reused to irrigate the biobotanical lining.

The public ownership of this park desired a meeting point that reflected not only their personal appreciation of literary art, but also a deep commitment to the role it plays in their lives. I A L Studios’ belief that art is an integral part of the human experience prompted our team to bring intimate spaces together in a harmonious design.

The objective of I A L Studios as the lead designer for the successive phases of this project is to continue transforming this public garden into a place for art and ecology, with a global vocation.

Universal Literature Park  is a designated area of ​​great scenic value, the park had to be sympathetic to its surroundings. International Agency Landscape was commissioned to help maximize the beauty of the garden while sensitively concealing and reducing the impact of the nearby residential area on the natural landscape.

The garden is partially embedded within the sloping terrain and hidden under a wooded canopy that rises and falls to accommodate the five organic structures in which it is structured. The living meadow crowns the structure, blending it with the landscape and minimizing the visual impact of the urban environment on the undulating landscape thus created.

IAL’s inspiration for the surrounding landscape expands and celebrates the unique and singular characteristics of the area that so successfully combine the natural with the industrial, combining the natural elements of water, stone, sun and barley, elements so inherent. to the Mediterranean environment, now tinged with an Atlantic touch. A series of new outdoor experiences and strongly dramatic welcoming spaces send visitors on a dynamic journey through the landscapes of Literature, unfolding and revealing the evocative landscape built below them.