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“Fluvialis” module for management and recreational and environmental uses in the Segura River

“Fluvialis” module for management and recreational and environmental uses in the Segura River

IAL served as a landscape architecture studio for the renovation of the banks of the Segura River. The Fluvialis module is a prodigy of landscape engineering, achieved through the multidisciplinary interaction of architects, engineers, landscapers and biologists, led by our Head of Project Intelligence, Angel Rubio-Tormos. You will implement a unique combination of civic, commercial, environmental office and entertainment uses in the river environment.

The objectives of the project are to redefine the narrative of the space, create a fresh and convincing meeting place for the locality and invite users to explore the river and its mysteries. Previous studies in citizen sociology and psychology were combined with landscape architecture, architecture, lighting, and signage to improve efficiency in project development. Our successful intervention will efficiently redefine the energy of the place and will revitalize the course of the river for the population.

Fluvial adaptation better serves users, addressing the priority of environmental and educational use through a close focus on human proximity and immediacy. Greater emphasis was placed on the meeting, and this has given rise to our Fluvialis module. Lighting will be used carefully and artistically to help reinforce users’ positive emotions at night. Fluvialis functions are articulated through flexibility, adaptability and programming to create a welcoming environment. Fluvialis will host a series of community events that will include concerts, outdoor movie screenings, summer camps, parties, and festivals.

The advanced design of the International Agency Landscape landscape architecture studios will improve the environmental conditions of the river environment, applying a wide, diverse and permeable palette of plant elements, open to green nature.
The fluvialis module will change the way in which citizens relate to the nearby nature that crosses their city, and will allow awareness first, and enjoyment after the river environment.

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