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Corporate gardens in hospital complex

Corporate gardens in hospital complex


The enclave

The space to be landscaped is an enclosure surrounded by the elements of the complex
three sides, and open, although in a limited way by a fence, by the fourth; Besides
2 sides are a columned arcade and the other a gallery corridor closed but glazed.
In this way, a space of character and cloistered vocation is formed, accentuated
This character and vocation for the solera and nobility of the rehabilitated manor house, and for
the cultural and museum use to which it is going to allocate to the newly finished complex.





Design strategies

The recreation of a medieval cloister garden, reinterpreted for its use, is proposed
stationary and dotacional, so that the 4 parterres conformantes of the cloister
traditionally reduced in size and prominence, leaving most of the
free space and diaphanous in the center of the garden in the form of lawn grass,
raised in a subtle way in the form of a small hill from the height of the route
Perimetral between parterres until flush with the terrace already built in front of the cafeteria.
In this way the garden becomes a dependency of the complex, suitable for
multiple cultural and functional uses beyond rest and mere
contemplation that the suggestive garden that we are going to create is going to propitiate




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