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Epyphytics Arcs Promenade

Epyphytics Arcs Promenade


IAL has been the main consultant and landscaping study designated for the drafting of the Epyphytics Arcs Promenade project, located in the central axis of the city’s green infrastructure network.

Directed by Angel Rubio-Tormos, the project seeks to transform an old parking lot into a central urban park and an incentive for the synergistic development of the city. The design reclaims existing monumental trees and creates an open and vibrant urban space that celebrates the site’s rich history while projecting an image of environmental innovation, design excellence, and social equity.

The advanced design is based on a careful combination of art, technology and lifestyle that places great emphasis on creating “outdoor getaway endowments” that unite adjacent endowments in a fluid and unifying manner. The project is a valuable example of evolutionary reuse of reclaimed materials, local crafts, and a rugged landscape that highlights native Mediterranean plants and low socio-environmental impact design.

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