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One Thousand Palms Residential, Alacant, Spain

One Thousand Palms Residential, Alacant, Spain

Parque Europa _ Mil Palmeras, in Orihuela, Alacant, reinvents the conventional coastal residence environment by transforming and reinventing an ancient Roman quarry 3 hectares into an extensive Landfield between environmentally conscious apartments and offices, inserting native meadows, forests and a Mediterranean promenade in the one that teems with wild life. This project, which seeks LEED Gold and Sustainable SITES certification, is presented as a model for urban sustainability and sustainable urban ecology in Alicante. Designed to be enveloping and multifunctional, an elevated promenade forms a continuous meandering circuit through the various ecozones of the residential area. In addition to the extensive landscape of the park, the buildings have a series of terraces on their roofs, all of them landscaped, which are offered as intimate and comfortable corners, allowing users to insert themselves in the botanical nature and the delight that surrounds them.


1 – Make the entire promenade of the private residential accessible through the construction of a network of gardens and roads for ranch use, and, located at the eastern end, a monumental self-supporting concrete pergola, which as a hanging garden will save the existing unevenness. The resulting set will allow access and use of the entire coastal green area.

2 – Procure the suture between the private residential and the promenade and between the latter and the semi-hidden beach at the foot of the limestone cliffs. This will be achieved by means of the aforementioned hanging pergola, and at the opposite end the accesses of the streets to the Park will be opened and, by means of the paving of a large surface, in the center of which will be the Auditorium, the landscaped space will be gradually transformed in the manner of a conventional urban park, located halfway between the apartment blocks and the beach line, this is highlighted by the insertion of a natural meadow framed by forests.

Parque Europa _ Mil Palmeras, en Orihuela, Alacant, reinventa el entorno de residencia costera convencional al transformar y reinventar una antigua cantera romana 3 hectáreas en un extenso Landfield entre apartamentos y oficinas con conciencia ambiental, insertando prados nativos, bosques y una rambla mediterránea en la que bulle la vida salvaje. Este proyecto, que busca la certificación LEED Gold y Sustainable SITES, se presenta como un modelo para la sostenibilidad urbana yla ecología urbana sostenible en Alacant. Diseñado para ser envolvente y multifuncional, un paseo marítimo elevado forma un circuito serpenteante continuo a través de las diversas ecozonas del residencial. Además del extenso paisaje del parque, los edificios cuentan con una serie de terrazas en sus azoteas, todas ellas ajardinadas, que se ofrecen como rincones íntimos y cómodos, permitiendo a los usuarios insertarse en la naturaleza botánica y el deleite que los rodea.

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